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Cung cấp dịch vụ Giấy phép lao động chuyên nghiệp, uy tín, giá rẻ tại Hải Phòng
giấy phép lao động tại hải phòng
giấy phép lao động tại hải phòng

dịch vụ visa hải phòng

dịch vụ visa hải phòng

Address for renewing a prestigious work permit in Hai Phong

Documents to apply for work permit for experts working in Hai Phong include:
1. An application for a work permit for a foreigner according to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

2. Health certificate or medical examination as prescribed.

3. Judicial record according to regulations.

Fast extension of work permits in Hai Phong

Extension of work permit easy or difficult?

In terms of paperwork, it is not as much as applying for a new work permit, but with the addition of a training contract of a replacement Vietnamese, this type of contract is often the cause of the application for renewal.

Work permits for foreigners are denied in writing. We can do nothing more because each type of training contract for Vietnamese substitutes has its own characteristics, none of which is the same, depending on the nature of the job and the qualifications of the employee. foreign.

Extension of work permit package in Hai Phong

The legal basis for extension of work permits for foreigners:

- The Labor Code was amended and supplemented.

- Decree No. 34/2008 / ND-CP dated 25/3/2008 of the Government on regulations on recruitment and management of foreigners working in Vietnam.

Renew cheap work permits in Hai Phong

Time to renew, re-issue, extend Work Permit
7 working days with sufficient documents.
Do the Work Permit fold
Within 30 days with undocumented records.
Due to the process of applying for the Work permit, there are a number of papers related to different departments. If there is a lack of documents such as a labor agreement, additional time is required as follows:

Extension of professional work permits in Hai Phong

Work Permit - Folded work permit
Work Permit - Urgent work permits for foreigners, businesses, respond to the fastest time. We support all documents including criminal record (number 1, number 2), health certificate, employment authorization, consular legalization, ... door to door delivery to the business, export VAT, VAT for organizations and units need.

Renew reputable work permit in Hai Phong

Subjects allowed to extend work permits in Hai Phong
Foreigners of the following subjects can apply for renewal of work permits in Vietnam.

a) The employer has a plan and is training Vietnamese workers to replace the job that the foreigner is undertaking, but the Vietnamese worker cannot replace it and the foreigner is not be disciplined labor.

Work permit package in Hai Phong

Regulations on the use of work permits in Hai Phong:
a. Using work permit in Hai Phong

- The foreigner is responsible for keeping the work permit while the work permit is valid.

- Foreigners must present work permits when doing immigration procedures and present them at the request of the competent State agency.

Cheap work permits in Hai Phong

Procedures and ways to make work permits for undocumented foreigners in Hai Phong
a. A lack of foreign judicial record:

Normally, foreigners who come to Vietnam to live and work will not prepare the documents in advance, when they come to Vietnam to work and do documents such as work permit, temporary residence card, ... then start preparing.

Professional work permit in Hai Phong

Hai Phong is a port city on the rise with large industrial zones, maximizing the advantages of sea transport, and promoting tourism. The number of foreign experts, workers, domestic and foreign tourists coming to Hai Phong is on the rise.

Prestigious work permit in Hai Phong

Procedures for applying for work permits for foreigners in Vietnam are specified in Decree No. 11/2016 / ND-CP detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Labor Code on foreign workers working in Vietnam.

All foreign citizens working in Vietnam must be issued a work permit. However, except for the cases specified in Article 172 of the 2012 Labor Code and Clause 2, Article 7 of Decree No. 11/2016 / ND-CP.

Dịch vụ giấy phép lao động tại Hải Phòng

Chúng tôi cam kết mang tới những dịch vụ tốt nhất tới khách hàng với mức giá hợp lý nhất.

Dịch vụ giấy phép lao động Hải Phòng luôn sẵn sàng phục vụ quý khách.

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Dịch vụ giấy phép lao động tại Hải Phòng với giá rẻ, phục vụ chuyên nghiệp, tận tình, thời gian làm giấy phép lao động nhanh chóng và đúng hẹn.

Là công ty duy nhất tại Hải Phòng chuyên xử lý các trường hợp khó khi xin giấy phép lao động.

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