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Immigration procedures in Hai Phong
giấy phép lao động tại hải phòng
giấy phép lao động tại hải phòng

dịch vụ visa hải phòng

dịch vụ visa hải phòng

Immigration procedures in Hai Phong

Each country will have different regulations on immigration procedures. One part is to control national safety and security, the other part is to show the rights and obligations of citizens from another country. Therefore, immigration is one of the important papers and regulations for any citizen who wants to set foot in another country. So what kind of documents do immigration procedures need?

Necessary documents when doing immigration procedures
As mentioned above, each country will have different immigration procedures. Therefore, after booking your flight to ensure you provide the correct and necessary documents when checking in at the airport, you should visit the embassy website of the country you want to visit to find out unified source of information. Avoid unnecessary mistakes that affect your trip. However, not everyone has enough time to go to the portals of embassies of countries to read and understand, this article will share with you the common documents needed for import and export procedures. scene at the airport.

First, you should consider the passport - a document that identifies the individual and nationality of the owner. Usually bound in a small book issued by the competent authority of the country (usually the police agency). You should make sure your passport is valid for 6 months or more, in case you have not been issued a passport, you can use other equivalent documents. In case your passport is crumpled or near its expiration, you should apply for a passport again to avoid immigration problems.

For children who do not have their own passports, information about the child's full name, date of birth and photo shall be recorded and stuck to the passport of the legal representative such as: natural father, biological mother, adoptive father , a adoptive mother or legal guardian is fine.

Visa - a certificate of immigration to another country for the period of time allowed. This paper is usually issued by the embassy of that country located in our country. Make sure the visa is valid, some countries also require an e-visa.

Besides, it is a passport or other documents with entry and exit validity as prescribed by law such as separate visa, permanent residence card, citizenship card (if Vietnam and the country concerned sign it. concluding treaties or international agreements allowing the use of identity cards instead of using passports in the territories of each other).

Some other papers
However, there are also countries that require more stringent paperwork requirements such as: round-trip flight tickets, invitations to visit, attend, work, or study from the person or sponsor of host country. In addition, the immigration declaration is a paper that you must fill out before going through the customs gate of that country.

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